Proteinase K Lyophilized Powder

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Storage Temperature:

Stored at room temperature for three years.

Product Introduction:

Proteinase K is a non-specific serine protease, and the RNase and DNase activities have been

removed after purification. Proteinase K is active in the presence of SDS or urea as well as in a

wide range of pH, salt concentration and temperature, and can be increased in 1% SDS.

Proteinase K is widely used in the preparation of pulsed electrophoresis chromosomal DNA,

western blot and genomic DNA. The working concentration is usually 50-500g/mL, and the

specific working concentration is determined according to whether the buffer solution

contains SDS, urea, pH, temperature and other factors.

Product Nature:


  1. RNase and DNase are not included;
  2. Specs:1g;

  3. Active in denaturant, such as urea and SDS;
  4. Active in metal chelators, such as EDTA;
  5. Active in a wide pH range (pH 4-12.5), the best pH range is pH 7.5-8.0;
  6. Active in a wide range of temperature, generally operating temperature range of 50℃-65℃;
  1. ddH2O can be dissolved;
  2. 7.Enzyme activity value: ≥30 U/mg Lyophilized powder.

Method of Inactivation:

After heating at 95℃-98℃ for 10 min, or adding PMSF or DFP inhibitor into the reaction

system, it was deactivated.


  1. The general storage concentration is 10-20 mg/ml to avoid repeated freeze-thaw;
  2. Ca2+ can increase the thermal stability of protease K.


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