Why Robot Coffee is Popular?

January 21,2022

With the development of artificial intelligence, the "unmanned economy" has become an emerging trend. The emergence of coffee robots is no longer a new thing. Today, let's talk about the reasons why robot coffee is popular.


coffee robot


The comfort of space scene can reduce the pressure of users


The demand for leisure space depends on the demand for leisure space brought by the scene, which mainly depends on the consumption brought by the scene. In typical scenes, such as Starbucks and other boutique coffee shops, the consumption motivation is reflected in the space demand for leisure, entertainment, and business communication.


This part of the consumer group has a wide range of portraits, including business white-collar workers of different ages, student gatherings, family shopping, etc. In this case, the introduction of the space scene plays a core role in reducing coffee consumption and cultivating consumers.


Demand for functional drinks


This part of the population has the habit of "addiction" and relies on coffee, mainly due to refreshing, fatigue, and the demand for its functional drinks. We can call these users deep users, mainly focusing on office white-collar workers, business people, and higher education institutions.


The main objects upstream of the coffee industry include coffee bean plantations, wholesalers, equipment manufacturers of grinder and coffee machines, and coffee bean planting with a comprehensive quotient, which is mainly concentrated in Yunnan, but the current coffee bean planting and primary processing enterprises are small.


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