Why Do we Need Good Virus Sampling Tubes?

January 07,2022

The current epidemic prevention and control is in a state of emergency, and the one-time use of important medical supplies such as virus sampling tubes plays a key role. Only high-quality sampling tubes can ensure the accuracy of virus detection.


What are the requirements for a good virus sampling tube? You will have a better understanding after reading this article.


Why Should we Choose Dedicated Virus Sampling Tubes?

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The quality of the collected samples is directly related to the subsequent testing. If medical staff use improper collection tools and store liquids, it will easily cause false test results.


Requirements for Good Virus Sampling Tube


An excellent virus sampling tube can ensure the activity and integrity of virus particles to the greatest extent, providing the first guarantee for subsequent virus isolation and nucleic acid detection.




  • It must maintain the activity of the pathogen's infectious agent


  • It needs to meet the time from sample collection to laboratory testing


  • Maintain the integrity of virus antigens and nucleic acids


  • It can maintain the activity of the virus at room temperature




  •  Safety of transportation: Ensure that the sample does not leak during transportation.


  • Preservation safety: ensure that the sample does not leak during the preservation process.


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