Processing System MRA-CDS-102: Testing 140,000 people in 24 hours

May 07,2022

In the face of the raging Omicron strain, the nation is under tremendous pressure to prevent the epidemic, and large-scale nucleic acid testing is still the main line of defense to efficiently manage the spread of the epidemic.


However, the screening quantity of nucleic acid tests, which can be in the millions, not only puts a huge pressure on healthcare workers in terms of manpower and time, but also requires manual operation of cup dispensing (opening and closing the lid and transferring samples), which easily causes the risk of cross-infection and becomes the biggest bottleneck limiting the testing efficiency of hospitals and CDCs.


Sample Reformatter MRA-CDS-102


How can large-scale nucleic acid screening be done quickly and accurately to enhance medical redundancy while ensuring the safety of healthcare workers? As a "veteran" in the new epidemic, MegaRobo ® took the first time to summarize its past experience, iterate its technology, and deliver its own solution in this round.


Through a new upgrade of the original product, MegaRobo launched the sample pre-processing system MRA-CDS-102, which replaces the process that originally required a large number of manual operations and the greatest risk through automated means, fully improving the efficiency of nucleic acid testing, while maximizing the safety of health care workers.


What are the advantages of the processing system MRA-CDS-102?


✔️Compact and efficient


  • Small size, easy to carry, easy to install, can be placed in the biosafety cabinet


  • Fast in-situ cap opening and high-precision pipetting with a success rate of ≥99.5%


  • 96 samples can be dispensed in 10 minutes, handling nearly 14,000 samples


✔️Safe and flexible


  • Original tube loading, automatic lid opening and closing, no need to touch the sample manually


  • Automatic tip replacement and recovery to prevent aerosol contamination


✔️Good compatibility


  • Fully compatible with 5mL-30mL conventional virus sampling tube, support customer specified other specifications sample tube customization


  • Support one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code label form


  • Compatible with 96-well deep-well plates and PCR plates


  • Compatible with wet mix, single test, 10 mix 1, 20 mix 1 and other mixing modes, no need to remove the swab head to aspirate samples


✔️One key start


  • Easy to operate the software, i.e. training and operation


  • One key start after configuration, one person can operate multiple devices at the same time


✔️Information traceability


  • The whole process information record, one by one correspondence, can support docking laboratory information management system


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, MegaRobo has been involved in Qingdao, Tianjin, Beijing, Nanjing, Hebei, Shanxi, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Hong Kong, as well as the United States, Dubai, Malaysia and other places large-scale nucleic acid testing work. To this day, MegaRobo people and MegaRobo products are still fighting on the front line, helping to prevent and control the epidemic at home and abroad.


In the post-epidemic era, MegaRobo will continue to accumulate practical experience, continue to deep plowing intelligent automation technology, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control needs, the introduction of more efficient and stable products and solutions, for the certain arrival of social surface clearance, to provide a strong tool to protect.