New Launch of Reagent Card Assembly System

June 13,2022

With the wide application of antigen detection in China's new crown epidemic prevention and control, the demand for new crown self-test cards is facing explosive growth, and achieving capacity increase in the short term has become a key ability to guarantee market supply.


Reagent Card Assembly System


In order to meet the development needs of epidemic prevention and control, Megarobo rapidly iterates to launch the new MRA-LSF-840 series ultra-high-throughput reagent card assembly system, which is combined with the previously launched MRA-LSF-860 series high-throughput conventional reagent filling system to form a one-stop large-scale solution of antigen filling + reagent card assembly + packaging as a whole to realize the capacity of antigen detection reagent products "acceleration", in order to effectively help epidemic prevention and control.


MRA-LSF-840 series ultra-high-throughput reagent card assembly system adopts intelligent automation means and can meet the reagent card assembly requirements in terms of throughput, compatibility and yield rate. It is equipped with both card loading and packaging modules, and each module can be operated independently or combined to produce.




✔️Ultra-high throughput


The MRA-LSF-840 is designed to maintain high efficiency while retaining openness, with throughput of up to 8,000 pcs/h for a total large-scale solution of antigen filling + reagent card assembly + packaging.


  • The card loading module of the MRA-LSF-840 system is equipped with 4 loading lanes, 1 loop line and 1 drop lane for a throughput of up to 8000 pcs/h.


  • The packaging module of the MRA-LSF-840 system is equipped with 4 loading lanes, 1 packaging lane and 1 sealing lane with a throughput of up to 4000 pcs/h. It can be equipped with 2 modules running simultaneously to suit the card loading module.




MRA-LSF-840 has reserved space for various materials, so it can be used for multiple purposes (customized according to the material part)


  • Large board can be set in the following range


Length 280-320mm, width 50-90mm


  • Cutting strip width setting range




  • Card box can be set in the range of


Length 60-100mm, width 16-32mm


  • Desiccant compatible width.


Length 35-45mm, width 18-20mm


  • Aluminum foil bag compatible width.


Length 120-160mm, width 60-90mm


✔️High yield rate


The yield rate of MRA-LSF-840 is guaranteed by Megarobo's powerful vision team, the whole machine can be equipped with up to 40 CCD inspection modules, effectively ensuring the quality of each link, the yield rate can reach 99%.


  • CCD inspection of card loading module.


①Up and down card loading, automatic identification of the positive and negative card cover and dynamic position, with the loading robot for dynamic gripping


②After the test strip is cut, the size of the test strip, cutting line and NC film are automatically detected, and the qualified products are automatically loaded.


③After the upper and lower cards are assembled, automatic detection of the assembling situation, identification of poorly assembled card boxes, not pressed and combined in the last separate feeding


④Printing and lettering marking module is also equipped with CCD detection, able to detect the content of missing characters, pollution and other situations



  • Packaging module CCD detection.


① desiccant feeding, automatic detection of desiccant and reagent card position


② Finished product into the bag, automatic detection of sealing effect after sealing and feeding, and separate feeding of defective products


Megarobo will continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic, and constantly optimize the iterative nucleic acid detection and antigen detection-related products and upstream and downstream solutions, while actively expanding the application of intelligent automation technology in the prevention and control of the epidemic, using technology to contribute to the early end of the new crown epidemic.