Mutual Friendship: MegaRobo Technologies Assisted Hong Kong, China  

March 29,2022

Under the current severe epidemic situation, improving nucleic acid detection capabilities, realizing early screening and early treatment, and reducing the risk of further spread from the source have become an important breakthrough in coping with the focus of the epidemic. To this end, Hong Kong announced that it will implement three mandatory nucleic acid tests for all employees in March.


MegaRobo Technologies Co., Ltd.


In order to help Hong Kong curb the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible, MegaRobo urgently deployed a number of automation equipment, and dispatched technical engineers to the front line of anti-epidemic in Hong Kong.


At present, the first batch of technical engineers Fang Yongbo, Gao Yike, and Zhang Jianguo have arrived in Hong Kong. They will conduct equipment operation training for medical testing personnel, and monitor the operation status of the equipment 24 hours a day to escort the epidemic prevention and control.


MegaRobo Technologies Co., Ltd.,


At the same time, the first batch of equipment has also arrived in Hong Kong successfully. After being put into use, MegaRobo will increase the daily testing capacity of Hong Kong by nearly 140,000 copies, and reserve the testing capacity for the upcoming nucleic acid testing of all Hong Kong staff.


The automated equipment sent by MegaRobo to support Hong Kong's anti-epidemic front line is a series of products of MegaRobo's sample pre-processing system that have undergone multiple rounds of actual combat tests.


In order to meet the needs of nucleic acid detection in Hong Kong, Magna can quickly adjust the equipment through software to be compatible with the wet mixing function.This series of products gives full play to artificial intelligence and automatic control capabilities, is flexible and easy to use, and integrates pre-processing steps that require a lot of manual operations into a closed negative pressure system to realize the automation of sample pre-processing of "tube in and out", helping doctors and nurses. 


The testing personnel completed the most dangerous part of nucleic acid testing, greatly reducing the risk of infection for front-line personnel. At the same time, it is equivalent to the 24-hour uninterrupted workload of more than 20 experienced testers, which can greatly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid testing.


MegaRobo Technologies Co., Ltd.,


Helping Hong Kong to prevent and control the epidemic is another beautiful "retrograde" of Magna's global anti-epidemic action. Since 2020, the global epidemic has been delayed and spread, and Mega has been continuously paying attention to the epidemic situation, not only playing an important role in the domestic epidemic prevention and control, but also deeply participating in the global new crown epidemic.


Starting from the second half of last year, based on the domestic anti-epidemic experience, Mega began to go overseas, and successively went to the United States, Dubai, Malaysia and other countries and regions, and exported a series of innovative products and solutions to improve nucleic acid detection capabilities to the world, actively helping The world has won the battle against the epidemic.


In the future, Mega will continue to make progress, deeply cultivate intelligent automation technology, output more efficient and stable products, and continuously improve nucleic acid detection capabilities, so that more Chinese science and technology services at home and abroad will help escort the front line of the world's fight against the new crown epidemic.