MegaRobo Launched the Overall Solution for Antigen Reagent Production

April 12,2022

To further optimize the COVID-19 detection strategy and serve the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the comprehensive research group of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council recently decided to promote the monitoring mode of "antigen screening and nucleic acid diagnosis". Just over the weekend, Shanghai used antigen detection on a large scale for the first time, and more than 14 million people completed the detection. The advantages of faster antigen detection and more convenient operation have made a real contribution to the current anti-epidemic war.




Since the release of the COVID-19 antigen detection application plan (Trial) on March 11th, within 20 days, the State Drug Administration has approved 21 new crown antigen detection reagents. At the same time, major provinces across the country are also in full swing to promote the centralized collection of antigen testing, and temporarily include it in the scope of medical insurance payment.


In the face of such huge social demand, how to quickly realize the ramp-up of production capacity in a short time and put qualified products into practical use has become an urgent problem for each manufacturer of neocoronavirus antigen reagents.


With the technical capability accumulated in the field of life science and laboratory intelligent automation, mga responded quickly and launched an overall solution for antigen reagent production, which can meet the needs of antigen detection sample extraction automation and high-throughput filling. At the same time, combined with the ultra-high-throughput colloidal gold test card production system, mga realized the whole process automation of antigen detection reagent products from filling, assembly to packaging, and greatly improved the production capacity, Ensuring stable product quality.


Among them, the MRA-lsf-860 series high-throughput conventional reagent filling system newly launched by mga can realize the filling demand of antigen detection sample extract, which can complete the fully automatic production from feeding, filling, capping, and blanking. At the same time, the system can be compatible with pre-potted extraction tubes such as binaural, split, and single ear, to meet the filing requirements of different tube types. Modular design can also be selected according to customer needs, such as visual inspection, labeling and code spraying, laminar flow hood, automatic film sealing, and other modules, which can be customized without additional cost.


It is worth mentioning that the mra-lsf-860 system is equipped with advanced intelligent automation technology, which greatly improves the cooperation between different modules. Good cooperation brings ultra-high throughput and stable and reliable product quality. The maximum flux can reach 8000pcs / h, and the qualified rate of finished products can reach 99.9%.


In addition, the easy-to-use operation software also reduces the use threshold of the equipment. The concise interface includes all parameters that need real-time monitoring. It only takes 1-2 people to complete the whole production process, greatly reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.


In addition to the high-throughput automatic filling system, mga has launched an ultra-high-throughput colloidal gold reagent card production system, which can realize the integrated automatic process of assembly + packaging and quickly improve the production capacity of colloidal gold reagent card.


Under the background of normalization of the epidemic situations, antigen detection is very important for improving COVID-19's ability of "early detection". Mga will continue to optimize and upgrade the overall solution for antigen reagent production, help the large-scale and intelligent production of antigen detection, ensure the supply and demand of antigen detection reagents, and continue to make modest contributions to epidemic prevention and control in multiple dimensions.