Magnega Technology cooperate with Innovation Workshop, and DeeCamp2022 is officially launched!

April 26,2022

The intersection of AI + life science will enter the first year of outbreak in 2021. Among the top ten breakthroughs in 2021 published by Science magazine, six of them are from the fields of biology and medicine, and AlphaFold and RoseTTAFold, two technologies for predicting protein structure based on artificial intelligence, are rated as the biggest breakthroughs.




With the development of high-throughput technology and the expansion of biological big data, AI algorithms have been widely used in life sciences. For example, the Random Forest algorithm can be used to predict the gene-level mutation sites related to traits; Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is widely used in protein group spacing calculation and medical image recognition technology. The co-evolution of AI and life sciences has continuously extended new scientific boundaries. The new cross-cutting fields spawned by the combination of AI and computational biology, synthetic biology, and drug research and development are being cultivated at an unprecedented pace.


This year, Innovation Workshop once again joined hands with the Institute of Intelligent Industry of Tsinghua University to launch the DeeCamp Artificial Intelligence Training Camp and Innovation Challenge. For the first time, Magnesium Technology participated as a strategic partner and jointly called on the global elites in AI and life sciences to welcome the most Exciting challenges to explore the possibility of changing the destiny of mankind together。


As an innovative technology company with artificial intelligence and robotic automation as its technological base, Mega Technology has been deploying applications in the field of life science since its inception, creating a closed-loop capability of "automation + artificial intelligence + biology", and has continuously developed Boundary exploration in the field of life sciences.


Mr. Huang Yuqing, founder and CEO of Magnesium Technology, said: "Life science is changing from experiment-driven to data-driven. Magnesium has been committed to exploring the application of artificial intelligence and automation technology in the field of life science, and looks forward to the help of continuous iterative and upgraded technologies. Reduce the research time and labor costs of traditional life science experiments, return time to scientists, accelerate cutting-edge breakthroughs and technological innovations in life science-related fields, and contribute to the improvement of human life and health. The innovation workshop DeeCamp has gone through five years, magnesium Jia is very happy to participate as a strategic partner of DeeCamp2022. As a start-up company, we believe in the 'power of youth' and look forward to seeing students make bold explorations and inject more fresh blood into the field of life sciences."


This time, Magnesium Technology will also send Chief Scientist Dr. Wang Chengzhi and AI Scientist Mr. Sun Xin as mentors to conduct in-depth exchanges with the participating elites, bringing more "wisdom collisions" to AI + life science.


Come to DeeCamp and explore the new frontier of life science with AI!


As China's first "AI + life science" artificial intelligence training camp, DeeCamp2022 public welfare training camp is open to all undergraduate, master and doctoral students in the fields of computer, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry and other life science-related interdisciplinary sciences, and the whole process is free .


DeeCamp2022 will be conducted online and will be divided into two parts: master class and innovation challenge. Students who successfully join DeeCamp will receive online lectures from a number of top scientific research and industry masters in the field of AI and life sciences.


Students can team up with AI elites from all over the world to participate in online competitions and sprint for awards, with the highest award prize of RMB 100,000. The contestants will also have in-depth exchanges with "Future Technology Unicorns", students of HICOOL Business School, to explore and create a sustainable technology entrepreneurial ecology together.


Come here to join us!