Processing System MRA-CDS-102: Testing 140,000 people in 24 hours

May 07,2022

In the post-epidemic era, MegaRobo will continue to accumulate practical experience, continue to deep plowing intelligent automation technology, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control needs, the introduction of more efficient and stable products and solutions, for the certain arrival of social surface clearance, to provide a strong tool to protect.


Magnega Technology cooperate with Innovation Workshop, and DeeCamp2022 is officially launched!

April 26,2022

The intersection of AI + life science will enter the first year of outbreak in 2021. Among the top ten breakthroughs in 2021 published by Science magazine, six of them are from the fields of biology and medicine, and AlphaFold and RoseTTAFold, two technologies for predicting protein structure based on artificial intelligence, are rated as the biggest breakthroughs.


MegaRobo Launched the Overall Solution for Antigen Reagent Production

April 12,2022

To further optimize the COVID-19 detection strategy and serve the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the comprehensive research group of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council recently decided to promote the monitoring mode of "antigen screening and nucleic acid diagnosis". Just over the weekend, Shanghai used antigen detection on a large scale for the first time, and more than 14 million people completed the detection. The advantages of faster antigen detection and more convenient operation have made a real contribution to the current anti-epidemic war.


Mutual Friendship: MegaRobo Technologies Assisted Hong Kong, China  

March 29,2022

In the future, Mega will continue to make progress, deeply cultivate intelligent automation technology, output more efficient and stable products, and continuously improve nucleic acid detection capabilities, so that more Chinese science and technology services at home and abroad will help escort the front line of the world's fight against the new crown epidemic.


Characteristic Of Coffee Robots

March 15,2022

Most consumers are surprised when they hear the term coffee robot. Some consumers even thought it was robot-made coffee. In fact, robocoffee is not machine-made coffee, but robot-led coffee. Here are some characteristics of robot coffee.


Knowledge about Vacuum Blood Tube

February 25,2022

Blood collection and test is a normal test method. Although simple, it also contains questions. Today, let's take a brief look at vacuum blood tubes.


Why Robot Coffee is Popular?

January 21,2022

With the development of artificial intelligence, the "unmanned economy" has become an emerging trend. The emergence of coffee robots is no longer a new thing. Today, let's talk about the reasons why robot coffee is popular.


Megarobo Nucleic Acid Testing Machines

December 09,2021

In view of the problems of large sample size, tedious work and easy contact and infection in nucleic acid detection in COVID-19. Recently, a robot-intervened, high-throughput full-process automatic virus nucleic acid detection machine was unveiled to the media for the first time. This system consists of three parts, including sample pretreatment, nucleic acid extraction and construction, and fluorescence quantitative PCR detection, which can realize the automation of the whole process from tubular sample entry to detection result reporting.